Suffering Behold Us (2013)

by Tomorrow's Victim

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5 tracks of brutal NY death metal. Suffering Behold Us EP 2013.


released March 19, 2015



all rights reserved


Tomorrow's Victim New York, New York

Death metal band from NY. New 5 song E.P. "Autophagy" OUT NOW

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Track Name: Suffering Behold Us
Darkness breeding terror reigning down upon the holy land... mass producing ignorance, raping you of innocence. Live to die... die in vain... control our lives... but not our fate. Descend into a realm of which the suffering beholds. Your paralyzed as as life is taken from you hopeless souls. The premonitions were to sacrifice your worthless lives, penance for your worthless souls , there is no chance for salvation. Pray... for an end. (2x) Suffer. Behold thee. Pain beyond your death, burn on your decent, deprive yourself of life, to kill the pain inside, the darkness, is breeding, hysteria, around you, your taught to, believe in, a empty sense of worth, humanity is crumbling, the walls come down around us, the hand of Satan reaches down to crush the earth. The innocent, will not be spared, a punishment, for humanity will learn, nothing, is sacred, and no one (will remain, x4) Cryptic, government, remnants of the past, watch your life, fade away, into endless suffering, empty sarcophagus, eternally wasted , flesh turns to ash, ash turns to dust, there is a life you cannot change, yet we look for, a way to numb the pain, look on back, through dead eyes, the suffering cannot be denied. Invading, the shadows, eclipsed by,
the bloosdhed (x3). Pain beyond your death. Burn on your descent. Deprive yourself of life. To kill this pain inside.
Track Name: Transcending This Worthless Existence
Faceless... father... hopeless... martyr... wasted... worship... empty... worthless. Faithful people serving,
bridges are burning, sinners and saints, one and the same. Pray for our sins. Lead us now, deliver me,
reveal yourself, make me believe. Their lies, control, their greed, takes hold. Death in the name of his holiness,
bloodshed for the faceless man purity at what cost to live and die with honor cover ups, devestation, lies and
manipulation pray for our sins. the will to die, our souls denied, condemned to die, evil there lies, Transcending
this worthless existence (x2) faceless shepard , worthless liar, guide the faithful, to their end, insane, beaten into
submission, willing to die in the name of God, broken, beaten controlled by greed faceless horsemen descend
upon thee consume the flesh drink of the blood willing worthless slaves to your god. desecrate the fucking
face of your savior, consume the flesh, dink of the blood willing , worthless, slave to your God.
Track Name: 1000 Gospels Of Hatred
Conjuring demons from the hellish depths of one mans mind, accumulation for the hatred for all mankind,
confronting worthlessness you insist on calling life, I vomit pieces of your precious book of lies, I read it! I preach it!
Your precious book of lies. Erase it! Destroy it! The hatred fuels the fires. Cast down from the heavens, to preach
upon this earth, (2x) , fuck the weak the strength of our revenge will smear the blood - of the innocent upon our eager
faces, beckon the, call of their, deception with the gospels. 1000 Gospels of Hatred. Fill each page, with their
blood. Pen each word, with your soul. Severed ties, from their lies, the truth revealed, dead now rise! Repent, rise! Reclaim, rejoice, rise! Reveal, detest, rise! Dethrone, disown, rise! Defile (2x). Eat my flesh, drink my blood,
breathe my breath, overcome. There were, times - angels weren't raped. Torn up, to condemn your fate. Purity,
revealing, the weakness within,cleansing, the earth of, corruption, and its sin. Conjuring demons from the hellish
depths of one mans mind, accumulation for the hatred I have for mankind. Pray to the gospels... witness the
hatred! As I pray (2x). Fall to my knees, recant the words, evokeing the sacred words of hatred.
As I pray! Fall to my knees... Recant the words! At its end.